Add beauty and a “wow” factor to your home with a new kitchen. Create family memories in this important family gathering room. Don’t forget an updated kitchen space can create more functionality and increase the value of your home.

Creative Renovations has designed and created many wonderful and versatile kitchens for our customers. Our expertise in kitchens and our in-depth knowledge of storage and laying out a room to maximize space are just a few of our many attributes from which our customers benefit.

Many older kitchens were not always as functional as they could have been when originally designed. They were not designed for family activities that are often a requirement for the families of today. We can greatly improve the condition and design of current kitchens and build your dream kitchen for you. A kitchen that has the latest in modern cabinetry that adds lots of drawers versus doors which are designed for pots and pans, dishes, etc. can provide better access to all of the items you need.

New appliances, fixtures, colors, and materials will enhance the room that is generally the most used in your home. Adding some Universal Design elements can also make life easier when using your kitchen. Contact us now for an appointment to discuss the ideas that we have for your kitchen.

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Materials and fixtures available today can greatly enhance the bathroom experience by improving ergonomics, features, and comfort. The perfect bathroom upgrade can make you feel like you’re at a spa.

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Universal Design makes homes safer, easier and more convenient for everyone. The process involves designing products and spaces so that they can be used by the widest range of people.

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